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Humphreys Waste Recycling Ltd
Humphreys Waste Recycling Ltd
  • Site Environmental Managment

    Managing Your Waste

    Humphreys Waste Recycling Ltd is Angleseys leading waste company At our transfer station situated outside the village of Bryngwran we pride ourselves on being able to turn your waste into recyclable materials. Our professional and trained staff segregate your waste into separate waste streams such as:

    • Paper
    • Cardboard
    • Plastics
    • Glass
    • Food/Organic Waste
    • Scrap Metal
    • Wood
    • Soil & Aggregates
    • PVC & UPVC
    • Plasterboard
    • Carpets and Textiles

    All of our recyclables are destined for production centres which turns them into new reusable items. This therefore makes us a zero to landfill organisation.


    Our waste transfer station has been equipped with the latest recycling technology that enables us to pull 100% of all recyclable materials out of your waste. The machinery on site allows us to compress materials in order to allow us to transport more waste product at one time keeping the affect of our carbon footprint down. All visitors to the waste transfer station must report to the reception area located straight ahead when entering the site. All loads must be booked in advance and a full waste description must be presented along with EWC code.

    Staff and Employees

    All of our staff are local and are bilingual speakers and are trained in handling and segregating waste and are able to identify all waste products entering the site. If our staff are unsatisfied with a waste product when undergoing quality control then the individual will be denied access to the site and the NRW will be notified through a report and direct call with full details of the individual.

    Site Rules and Regulations

    • Obey the 5mph speed limit
    • On arrival please report to the site office
    • All signs on site must be obeyed
    • All individuals must wear the correct PPE at all times.
    • Only tip where the waste supervisor instructs you to.
    • If safety lights are fitted to your vehicle please use them.
    • Be aware of other users within the vicinity of the waste transfer station.
    • Report any dangerous occurrences to the waste supervisor. 
    • Ensure that vehicle wheels are clean and all loads are secure when arriving and leaving the site.
    • Only site plant can be parked within the waste transfer hall.
    • Do not obstruct other users of the site and do not stand about unnecessarily once you have used the site.

    Recycling Process Video

    Humphreys Waste Recycling Ltd Blue Group picking line setup. Pushing recycling rates up and gaining a zero to landfill status. Recycling 100% of your waste materials.

    Humphreys Waste Recycling Ltd, local line operatives segregating your waste materials into different waste streams: 

    • Ferrous Metals
    • Organic Waste Fines
    • Clear Film
    • Cardboard
    • Paper
    • Clear HDPE
    • Aluminium
    • Food Waste
    • Coloured HDPE
    • PET

    Team work makes the dream work.


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